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Divya Deswal

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Enhance relationships through effective communication and empathy-building strategies.


In an era where life often unfolds on autopilot, with our subconscious mind skillfully navigating the routine and mundanity of our daily existence, the journey of parenthood stands as a profound opportunity to break the cycle. It beckons us to step into a realm of conscious living, mindful choices, and heartfelt connections. It is this transformative journey that the CONnECT program encapsulates, guiding expectant couples from individuality to parenthood through a series of thoughtfully designed activities.

The CONnECT Practitioner Training course is designed to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge to lead the CONnECT workshops/sessions in their community. They may even bring in the elements of the program to their current offerings


Welcome to CONnECT Practitioner Training

3 attachments • 6 mins

Why the CONnECT Program?


How does the CONnECT Program work for the client?


How does the Practitioner Training work?


Live Webinars

11 attachments • 5 hrs

Module 9

Module 10

Recording of Live Sessions

Recording Module 1

Recording Module 2

Recording Module 3

Recording Module 4

Recording Module 5

Recording Module 6

Recording Module 7

Recording Module 8

Guidelines for a CONnECT Live Session

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Setting the Stage

Step 1 :Introduction, Ice Breakers & Check Ins

Introduction Ideas

2 pages

Icebreaker Ideas

1 page

Step 2: Arriving

Arriving Scripts

4 pages

Knowledge topics (from the Online Program)

The Conscious Nature of the Unborn Child: Understanding Prenatal Experiences

The Importance of Prenatal Bonding and Ways to Connect with Your Unborn Baby

The Power of Positivity: Shaping Your Baby's Future Through a Positive Mindset

Embracing Your Inner Child: A Path to Healing and Personal Growth

Cultivating a Conscious Parental Identity: A Path to Empowered Parenting

Conscious Baby

6 attachments • 40.63 mins

Who Am I ?

Exploring Consciousness

Integrated Self

Consciousness at the Beginning of Life

5 pages

What babies Learn Before They are Born

What Babies Are Teaching Us

123 pages

Key Elements in Growth and Development

14 attachments • 1 hrs

Blue Print & Imprint

Fluid, Field and Form

Bio electric signalling



Organizing to the Frequency - Cymatics


What is Epigenetics ?

Heart - Resonance and Coherence

Mother Infant Bonding

Neural Development

The Imprint

Body tell the story

Primal health - A Reading

Prenatal Bonding

21 attachments • 5 hrs

Prenatal Bonding - A conversation with Barbara Decker

Knowing the Unborn

Coming Into Form

Conception Story

Revisiting Fertilisation Fairytale - Emily Martin

21 pages

Breath of Life - Calcium Ion Wave

Leap of Faith

Looking at the Heart

Inviting the Baby

Intentional Invitation

Sanskaar - ancient wisdom

Choice to Manifest


Biology of Belief

Coming Into Being

Baby Movements - pathway to emotion and interaction

The awakening of the Senses

Multiple Intelligences

Resources for Al Tarab

Christopher Tin - III_ Tarab Pt. 1 (feat. Meena Shamaly)

Tarab Sha3by Aseel - طرب شعبي أصيل (1)

Positive Mindset

8 attachments

Pregnancy and Positive Thinking

The Benefits of Positive Thinking During Pregnancy May Surprise You

4 pages

Taking Care of Your Mental Health During Pregnancy

Maternal positive affect over the course of pregnancy is associated with the length of gestation and reduced risk of preterm delivery

14 pages

Maternal mental health in pregnancy and child behavior

22 pages

Positive maternal mental health during pregnancy and mental and behavioral disorders in children: A prospective pregnancy cohort study

11 pages

Thinking positively during pregnancy? You could be helping your child's ability in maths and science

Body Acceptance by Pregnant Women and Their Attitudes toward Pregnancy and Maternity as Predictors of Prenatal Depression

12 pages

Inner Child

6 attachments • 25.36 mins

Emotionally unavailable parent

What is the Inner Child_

Reparenting Our Inner Child

The Child in You - Stefanie Stahl

222 pages

The Child in You; Shadow Child Meditation

The Child in You; Sun Child Meditation

Parental Identity


4 attachments • 3 hrs

Simplifying Epigenetics with Yasmin Effath - The Doula Collective

Conversation with Kate White

What Babies Want - Full Film

The Science and Art of Prenatal Bonding - CAPPA Conference 2024


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About the creator

About the creator

Divya Deswal

Divya has worked with expectant families since 2001 as a Childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing practitioner and Doula. She is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Somatic Experience Practitioner and is currently teaches and mentors doulas in India. She is also a mentor with Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health USA


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