/Doula Training Seminar 3
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Doula Training Seminar 3

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<p>Enhance your knowledge of trauma-informed care during the pre and perinatal period to support resilience and healing.</p>



This seminar will provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of trauma-informed care during the pre and perinatal period. Participants will learn about the impact of trauma on pregnant individuals and their infants, and how to integrate trauma-informed practices into prenatal care and support services. The seminar will explore evidence-based interventions and strategies for promoting resilience and healing in individuals who have experienced trauma in the pre and perinatal period.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the impact of trauma on pregnant individuals and infants
  • Integrating trauma-informed care into prenatal support services
  • Exploring evidence-based interventions for promoting resilience
  • Strategies for supporting healing in individuals who have experienced trauma

What you will learn:

  • Learning Outcome 1
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of trauma-informed care principles and their application in the pre and perinatal period.
  • Learning Outcome 2
    Recognize the impact of trauma on pregnant individuals and infants, and understand the importance of early intervention and support.
  • Learning Outcome 3
    Understand our own experiences and how they affect our caregiving
  • Learning Outcome 4
    Develop skills in providing a regulating presence as a resources to familes. 



4 attachments • 7 mins

Before We Begin




Trauma Informed Care in Perinatal Period


Seminar 3 Introduction


Trauma Informed Care

10 attachments • 1 hrs

Module 1

Eve Rittenberg, MD, on providing patient-centered and compassionate care for people who have experienced trauma

Sit Back and Listen — The Relevance of Patients’ Stories to Trauma-Informed Care

2 pages

What might be the trigger?

2 pages

The paradox of trauma-informed care | Vicky Kelly

How a Doula can help

1 page

PTSD as a gateway to bringing Trauma Informed Care to Perinatal Care Paradigm

Dr. Richard Kagan and the Child Welfare System

Using Trauma-Informed Care in Education and Mental Health Settings - Dr. Lisa Butler

Reflection on the Paradox of Trauma Informed Care

Understanding Trauma & Polyvagal Theory

7 attachments • 2 hrs

Module 2

Stephen Porges - Polyvagal Theory: how your body makes the decision

The Autonomic Nervous System; Dancing with the Yin & Yang

34 pages

Polyvagal theory in practice By Dee Wagner

Spirituality, Archetypes, and Trauma: Peter Levine

The Power of An Unspoken Voice - Peter Levine

7 pages

Webinar 2

Primal Health; Significance of Perinatal Period

10 attachments • 1 hrs

Module 3

What is Health?

4 pages

What is epigenetics? - Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna

Life in the Womb - Chapter 1

34 pages

Early and Very Early Parenting: New territories - David Chamberlain

6 pages

The Fetal Senses - David Chamberlain

5 pages

Behavioral Epigenetics: How Nurture Shapes Nature - Tabitha M Powledge

5 pages

Human Neurobiology and Emotional Intelligence: The Five Rights Of Passage To Developing Core Beliefs

Seminar 3 Module 3 Assignment

Webinar 3

Pre-conception and Prenatal Period

12 attachments • 3 hrs

Module 4

Prenatal Bonding (BINDUNGSANALYSE BY RAFFAI)* Introduction Gerhard Schroth, M.D.

4 pages

Life and the Labyrinth of Meaning

Labyrinth and Finger Walking - Tool for Inner Work

How To Use Affirmations To Manifest | Law of Attraction

Vagal Nurturing - Ryzio

Ancient Wisdom - Grabh Sanskaar

Simplifying Epigenetics

Knowing the Unborn

Secret Life of the Unborn Child - Book by Thomas Verny

131 pages

Seminar 3 Module 4

Webinar 4

Carrying Wounds

12 attachments • 1 hrs

Module 5

Mother May I

Women’s descriptions of childbirth trauma relating to care provider actions and interactions

10 pages

The Emergence of Traumatic Birth

85 pages

Dr Alison Wright of the RCOG discusses birth trauma

Traumatic Childbirth - Penny Simkin

The psychological Consequences of Childbirth

16 pages

Evidence of Obstetric Violence Amongst the Indian Middle-Class Women - Tanya Singh

11 pages

Evidence of ‘obstetric violence’ in India: an integrative review

19 pages

The nature of obstetric violence and the organisational context of its manifestation in India: a systematic review

10 pages

Obstetric Violence Infographic

Webinar 5

Trauma At Birth

9 attachments • 47.96 mins

What Babies Want Chapter 5 - Memory

Interview with Dr. Thomas R. Verny - Emoto Peace Project

The influence of birth trauma on the physical and emotional well-being of the baby - Matthew Appleton

12 pages

Birth Sequence - Kate White

Birth trauma: The psychology and effects of obstetrical interventions - William Emerson

20 pages

Tracing the Physical movement of the baby through the Pelvis William Emerson

The effect of medical and operative birth interventions on child health outcomes in the first 28 days and up to 5 years of age

11 pages

Dacher Keltner on the Vagus Nerve

Webinar 6

Repair and Regulation

15 attachments • 1 hrs

Module 7

Life Event, Stress and Illness

10 pages

The Importance of Positive Imprints

Infant States of Consciousness

Maternal Reflex

Early Contact versus Separation: Effects on Mother–Infant Interaction One Year Later

13 pages

Mother Infant bonding and Heart Intelligence

Slowing Down at Birth for Vulnerable Newborns

9 pages

A Holistic approach to Neonatal Resuscitation

11 pages

Birth Trauma and Breastfeeding

Attachment & Bonding - Polyvagal lens

24 pages

Translating Newborn

3 pages

Stress in babies

9 pages

ACE - Adverse Childhood Experiences

Webinar 7

Be The Lighthouse

8 attachments • 1 hrs




FOCUSING with Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D.

Focusing (Chapter 2) Eugene Gendlin

13 pages

Power of Vulnerability

Webinar 8

Module 8

Practitioner Principles

5 attachments • 47.73 mins

Interview with Ray Castellino,DC, RPP, RCST© “The Principles,”

13 pages

Body Low Slow Loop - John Chitty

The Blueprint: Our Unifying Field's Potential for Connection and Wholeness

Developing a Therapeutic Presence

Webinar 9

Untying Breastfeeding

2 attachments • 58.46 mins

About Untying Breastfeeding

Film: Untying Breastfeeding

Burnout and Self Care

5 attachments • 1 hrs

When the Body Says No -- Caring for ourselves while caring for others. Dr. Gabor Maté

Burnout vs. Compassion fatigue

1 page

Self Care: What It Really Is - Susannah Winters

Compassion Fatigue: What is it and do you have it? | Juliette Watt

Module 10

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